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The major changes brought about in the economy of Argentina, together with the widespread globalization of trade, have made it necessary for local legal firms to update their traditional structures. In response to the new context, Fuentes y Arballo, Arrocha, Jaime & Asociados, (FAAJ&A) emerged as a nationally recognized firm, with the capability and resources to serve diverse clients domestically and abroad. FAAJ&A core commitments are to provide quality legal services, client satisfaction, and to develop longterm relationships with each of its clients. The firm also decided to expand and complement its organization in a network of offices and consulting services, with vast domestic and international experience in order to offer comprehensive and interdisciplinary legal support. This new concept applied to legal services has met with wide acceptance among various international organizations and law firms, and has led to operational agreements, thus achieving a particularly flexible and comprehensive structure in Argentina and abroad. With this approach, we have helped many corporations and investors to gain access to our country, and to establish relations in both the private business and government areas, thus rendering possible various projects ; we have also supplied efficient counseling to existing companies, contributing to their successful reorganization.



Dr. Gonzalo Fuentes y Arballo

Dr. Ariel Oscar Arrocha

Dr. Marcelo Luis Jaime

Dr. Nicolás Augusto Tebano

Dra. Verónica Fuentes y Arballo

Dr. Jorge Pedro Rodán

Dr. Luis Rodrigo Fuentes y Arballo

Dra. Nancy Iris Lucchesi