Practice Area


In FAAJ&A many of our members are experienced in setting up management teams and in developing projects both locally and abroad, and are also skilled in dealing with governmental agencies. This allows us to adapt to a constantly changing environment, driven by the emergence of new legal frameworks and new jurisprudence, in response to the transformation of society at large. We also have specialists in the various branches of law, economy and finance, capable of providing the efficient and skilled counseling that each case may require. Efficiency is our foremost goal.


FAAJ&A litigation team practical experience allows the firm to handle complex matters through trial and appeal, successfully defending clients as well as asserting their rights as plaintiffs. Supervision of all legal cases in entrusted,upon area of expertise, to a senior member of our team ensuring the case is led by seasoned trial lawyers. The most unique and valuable achievement of our approach, is to complement our organization with the introduction of a code of ethics; we are pioneers in this field in Argentina, with excellent results. We consider attachment to this principles to be central to the growth of our organization.

International Right

Public Law and Regulatory Frameworks

The new modes of organization of utility companies, the emergence of environmental concerns and monopolist private activities, continual regulatory activities on the national, provincial and municipal levels require new regulatory frameworks. Our own experience, combined with the know-how of the legal firms we represent, has enabled us to jointly draft and analyze such frameworks for various administrations and governmental agencies, as well as for users. The growing importance of these new fields of law in our country has generated a new context and a pressing need to adapt. We have therefore considered it necessary to anticipate future issues, since in our view the main function of legal counsel is to PREVENT problems, in order to minimize the risk of future litigation; only specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of both domestic and international law, can play that role, based on the experience gained in coping with the crises and related consequences they have faced in various countries.

Criminal law

FAAJ&A handles criminal cases at both the trial and appellate levels, our criminal department is focus on representing persons accused of economic related criminal offenses, the firm is large enough to provide the resources necessary to handle any criminal case at any level. Our criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting businesses and individuals by preventing violations before they happen. FAAJ&A has defended and counseled clients in high stakes litigation involving federal and state (different argentine provinces) investigations, securities frauds, public corruption, insider trading, and other white collar crimes, allowing us to better advise our clients on corporate criminal laws and legal regulatory standards. Our experience has proven to be invaluable in our representation of clients before Banco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA Argentine Central Bank), Administracion Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIPAdministration of Public Revenue), Unidad de Información Financiera (UIF-Financial Intelligence Unit), Economic Crime Courts, Federal Courts, and other federal and state agencies as well as ocasional state judicial courts. We seek to help clients minimize the legal, economic, and reputational risks that enforcement actions pose by swiftly identifying, and containing potential misconduct.

Prevention of Money Laundering

FAAJ&A legal team offers institutional and individual clients a comprehensive range of legal services concerning both local and international money laundering controls and related subjects, our background and experience of money laundering control laws provides our clients with timely legal representation. Our experience includes advising clients on issues relating to the Unidad de Información Financiera, (UIF), Banco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA), money laundering laws and regulations, and criminal and civil and administratives related matters. FAAJ&A has considerable experience investigating suspicious activities and assisting clients in the proper methods and means of complying with related laws and regulations, and in advising clients in developing comprehensive regulatory compliance programs. Our litigation experience includes representation in both state and federal courts of banks, corporations and individuals, nonbank financial institutions, and nonfinancial businesses and professions regarding governmental investigations, potential asset freezes and forfeitures, regulatory compliance, and defense of civil lawsuits arising in the anti-money laundering related matters and regulations.

Environmental Law